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How to measure your window

Measuring a square or rectangular window.

With a steel tape (do not use fabric tapes- as they stretch) measure the *sight size - this is the area of glass you actually see. Measure width and height in millimetres and inches (this gives us a double check).

*Frame size is the measurement of the wooden,or plastic, or metal frame and includes the *rebate that the panel fits into . You measure the size of the frame in millimetres and inches and we will take off the allowance to get the glazing size.

Measure both sight size and frame size.


If you have an existing window with a clear double glazed unit you can set the leaded panel in front of this.

You only need to take the sight size measurements in this case.

Measuring round and shaped windows

If your window is shaped you need to make a template from cardboard or paper and we will then make the panel to that exact size and shape of the template.

If your window is round you need to measure the diameter.

Double Glazed units

If you want your panel encapsulating in a double glazed unit we need to know the size of the DGU and the thickness. 28mm is the standard thickness, but older frames may only take thinner units.


Double glazed units

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