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Wisteria Lampshade

Wisteria Lampshade

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This Lampshade is a reproduction of the original Louis Comfort Tiffany shade that won top honours at the 1902 International Exhibition of Modern Decorative Arts in Turin. Originally catalogued at $350, the original lampshade is now one of the most highly prized Tiffany lamps on the market. Infact a Tiffany Wistera floor lamp recently sold at Fontaine's auction for over three million dollars!

We used the same designs, technique and hand made Art glass that were used over 100 years ago.

If you would like to own a Wisteria lamp it takes three months to make from order date and costs £2,500 (plus crating and carriage)

With 2047 pieces of glass in total, each piece is cut, wrapped with 3/16" copper foil and soldered over a mould- using skill, patience, blood, sweat and tears!

Roy Sykes, our Tiffany expert, made a special wooden mould to help keep the correct shape of the lampshade whilst he was constructing it. He made the 'Wisteria shade' over a period of three months. The shade was then fitted onto a reproduction base with a four bulb cluster.

We use exact copies of the original designs, this makes the lamp authentic in every detail.

Roy has made several Tiffany reproduction shades, including the Peacock, Dragonfly, Cobweb, Daffodil and Trumpet Vine shades. All of them lovingly made and superb reproductions of the originals. The Wisteria is his favourite!


Louis Comfort Tiffany is regarded as the best documented Stained Glass artist in the field. We feel that if you manage to make a Wisteria lampshade you have reached the pinnacle of stained glass lampshade making.

Trumpet Vine
Here's Roy with the finished Lampshade and other lampshades he has made.